Feng Shui Tips for Your Bedroom

To get a feeling of personal security and confidence in your bedroom, then you should place your bed as far away as possible from the front door. For a comfortable sleeping, sleep on the bed with a solid wall behind your head and avoid placing your bed under a beam in the ceiling as beams will put pressure on your chest, head and body.

To make your bedroom practical yet inviting, then you should place a low night stand or a low table to the right of the bed and shelves or tall dressers to the left of the bed. If you want to motivate your children to study, place the study table in such a position that when your child sits down to read or write, his back faces a wall.

If you have a small bedroom, hang a mirror on one wall of your bedroom as mirror will reflect lights and will make your small bedroom look larger. But make sure, the mirror is placed in a way so that you can see the reflection of the front door in it.

If you want to store your jewelry, then you need to buy miniature stackable drawers and for a quick access, label the drawers and store all your jewelry neatly away. If you want to hang your preferable pieces, then using necklace hangers is that all you need.

Storing your shoes in a neat way is a challenge but you can do it by organizing your shoes into shoe boxes and keep smart shoes that you don’t use too often at the bottom and the ones you wear more often at the top. You can add hooks to your bedroom door to hang your coats.

Have a glance at the images beneath to get more ideas about 7 Feng shui tips for your bedroom.