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French Baroque Living Room Designs

Your French antique living room will reflect your high taste and let your guests feel as if they are sitting in a charming and luxurious palace. This look will keep you proud of your home and help you feel comfort and tranquil when you decide to spend a few minutes or hours relaxing in this room.

The furniture pieces of your French baroque living room are characterized by their curved legs, strips, and bold floral patterns. You can use huge and comfy chairs with huge end upholstery made of leather and other heavy fabrics. The couches, love seats, and chairs should have more details and the color of their upholstery fabrics should match the main colors of the room.

You can paint your baroque living room dark colors such as the deep red, or hunter-green to give the room a dramatic look. It would be great idea to use printed black and grey cushions on a big sofa and matching ottoman. You can paint this French living room a warm color such as gold, peach, brown, and red accentuated with black colors. You can use brighter colors such as powder blue, yellow, lavender, and cream colors.

The glided wall accessories and art works will brighten your living room and highlight your antique furniture. You can hang an ornamented mirror and golden picture frame. The wall and ceiling murals with the patterns that match the theme of the room will look fantastic. The French style is famous for its bold and patterned wallpaper with sophisticated prints. You can complete your wall look using moldings and boarders. The window treatments can be made of different fabrics such as stain, silk, faux fur, and velvet with bold or warm colors. The lighting fixtures such as crystal chandelier, wall scones, brass lamps, and lampshades made of high quality fabrics will decide the mood of the room.

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