French country living room designs

The classic French Country style is known for evoking feelings of relaxation and peacefulness as the French Country is famous for its picturesque views and lush countryside. If you want to decorate the living room in the classic French Country, follow these essential decorating tips:

1. Furnish with upholstered furniture. Choose your sofa and armchairs with thin carved frames and upholstered cushions and seating, and select a rustic fabric color combination such as red and gold. When you start choose the furniture of your living room in the French Country style, choose upholstered antique chair or two mixed with a large and comfy sofa. The chair frames could be polished wood, stained or painted. There may not be many pieces of furniture, but there will be at least an armoire, bookcase. Complete the furniture with a low table or ottoman for magazines and refreshment.

2. Use oversized vases and European planter pots as accessories. The best choice for the French Country style are earthenware planter pots, painted ceramic vases and carved wooden bowls filled with fresh or artificial fruits. Accessories such as candle, pottery, flower or any item which has lost its usefulness but can be admired as decorative objects.

3. Decorate walls with Old World tapestries. Space Old World tapestries and canvas art over the mantel in the living room or above the television. These tapestries can create a warm and inviting space. Hang one large picture or a pair close to a piece of furniture to make a subtle view.

4. Fill the corners with iron planters. Tuck wrought iron planters into the corner of the room as attractive accents to the living space.

5. Use oversized mirrors to create more space. Oversized mirrors decorated with glinted gold and wrought iron borders are the perfect choice if your living room is a small. Use mirrors to reflect the outside light into the room, although they are not so subtle.

6. Decorate windows with wrought iron drapery rods. A wrought iron curtain rod for all windows is a simple accent that matches the French country style.

7. Use rustic rugs in the center of the room. Floors in the Country French living room are of a natural marrow like wood – parquet, stone flags, or colored cement made to look like patterned tiles. For warmth and texture, use plain or patterned rugs. For completing your living room in the French country style, use a dark rug that disappears into the hardwood floor. This creates an inviting ambiance.

8. Use lighting in the form of wrought iron chandelier or candelabra, or standing lamps.

Country French living rooms often have French doors opening directly onto the garden, creating a flow between inside and outside.