French Modern Interior Design

Your home is your personal retreat. It is your refuge for your tired spirit after being involved in worldly pursuits offered to you by the outside world. When you get home at the end of the day you want to pause and rest, to recuperate and eventually be re-energized for the challenges and activities of tomorrow. Your home is the place to do all your rejuvenating personal and social activities. Your home, when it is well-designed, can make a world of difference to you as well as to the overall atmosphere of the space. Choose an interior design scheme that will takes care of your needs as well as something that will suit your personality.

The heart of French style is mystery, romance and comfort. French style interior gives you an elegant and cozy atmosphere in your home. French interior design is a mix of several design styles that are divided with the different periods in history and places within France. French style is all about laidback charm with a touch of sophistication.

The furniture in French style has light carving on furniture frames. As for French country style the furniture is upholstered with carved wooden frames and carved legs, upholstered seats with colorful velvet on the backs and arms.

French country style uses accessories with roosters on pillows, wall paintings and sculptures in white color or Crystal chandeliers with glittering droplets and metal finish for the ceiling. A fireplace in the living room is an integral part of the French country style, especially a stone fireplace.

Using soft colors such as such as lavender, goldenrod, deep rust, azure blue, ivory, palest shell pink, marshmallow pink, dusty lilac and minted apple can really achieve classy French style in the room.

As for the fabric that is used in French country style includes satin and silk. They can be perfect for cushions, upholstery and curtains.

You can visualize your desired decoration by grasping muse from the underneath photographs.