French Shabby Chic Furniture

Shabby chic furniture is distinguished with multilayer paint look, wear reveals and the bare wood or other muted, pastel tones underneath.

Likewise, the key element that differentiates shabby chic furniture from a more traditional antique French furniture look is the addition of soft floral prints and linens that look aged and well-loved.

The reasons that make you go for French shabby chic furniture are various such as:

Shabby chic furniture works well in any room, but the optimum place for shabby chic furniture is the bedroom. You can mix and match shabby chic furniture facilely.

Shabby chic furniture is inexpensive so many people go for it. A few pieces of shabby chic furniture can make your living space more comfortable and appealing.

Some rules you should follow before buying shabby chic furniture:

A bit similar between shabby chic furniture and French country design are that shabby chic furniture is made up of chunky tables and beds, lace and soft fabrics in richand warm colors.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, all you need is to look out for old painted chairs, armories (a type of French cupboard), rustic tables and old-looking French furniture then paint them and later polish them.

If you want to make your dining room the talk of neighbors, you have to look for old vintage French style chandeliers. Other best options are amber and pink chandeliers or classical leaf decorations.

The best additions to your shabby chic collection are old classically French pieces such as a chaise longue or armoire.

For feminine touch to your home, search for slim curved legs on tables and chairs, or heart shaped cut-outs.

Don’t forget, French shabby chic furniture, either second-hand items that have a worn and age-distressed characteristic, or reproduction French style furniture that’s been painted and hand-distressed, are the best choices to go for.

You can conceive your desired decoration by grasping muse from the underneath photographs about French shabby chic furniture.