Freshen up your Kitchen – New Kitchen

Simple things to freshen up your kitchen and makes you happy to be there,  When we were young, my sister would buy lots of new pens saying that they will encourage her to write more and thus study more. I was never sure whether it was a mere waste of money or they really did encourage her to study more. When I grew up I understood that it was a mere psychological thing or even more of a mind trick that she used to make on her mind for self encouragement. A lot of theories and researches were made later by famous univuniversities all over the world to prove how much tricks of that sort we tend to play on our minds, it is more or less a make-believe. Actually you can do this in nearly anything even in your kitchen decoration.

Do you ever get bored of the amount of time you have to spend in the kitchen on daily basis? I know I do and I bet you feel so too. So if you ever feel bored and sick of washing the impossibly endless dishes or the time cooking consumes, just have yourself a new thing to freshen up your mood in the kitchen. Try a new washing gell that softens your skin at tye same time or get a new set of non – sticking pans and enjoy the easiness of cooking which will make you more willing to try new recipes for the first time in a long while. For myself I got a new set of ceramic cutlery and I felt happy for cutting more and more stuff.

You can also have a new and fresh wall paint, if possible try a vibrant colour like limey green or misty peach or if you like really energetic colours you can go for red. You will not believe what a fresh layer of paint can do to your mood in the kitchen, it simply makes you feel like you are in a totally new kitchen especially if you mixed the new paint with other matching stuff, like what? Like new matching kitchen napkins, salt and pepper shakers and a new cutlery set. Try, and you shall believe!