Have a ‘Fun’ time Decorating with the Kids their Room!

It is normal to get a bit clumsy and anxious when it is time to decorate your child’s bedroom. However, do not let it get to you, it is fun and easy. Let it be an experience of bonding between your child and yourself. Involve your kids in choosing how they like their room to be like and at the very same time teach them about money, decor, and life. Let them feel your love and know how much you appreciate them and how much you pray for them.

Start by playing a game with them, the game is about taking the room measurements and tell them that they have to be accurate to the last centimetre. Then tell them about the budget that you have set for this and teach them that you will not be able to exceed this amount in order to be able to always get them nice stuff. Now, you are ready to start picking the furniture and the beddings. Pick simple designs and take care of the safety factor in them. Avoid any irregular forms which they might get hit by, with kids you are never too careful. If it is affordable, you might like to consider getting these car race bed or princess bed, if not then simple beds will be perfect.

With simple beds you are not killing the fun, you can still get extremely playful with the beddings. Beddings are preferred to be picked by the kids, they might be of their favourite hero character like spiderman or the smurfs. Just take care that the bedding they choose will be harmonious with the wall painting. As for the painting, avoid the old clichés of girly pink and boyish blue. Pick vibrant colours that will fill the room with joy, life, playfulness and above all light. Yellow is a great vibrant colour and in case of small rooms paint the end walls with a different colour than the side walls as this will give the illusion of more space.