Interior Design 4

Fun with the Eclectic Design

Choose the best for your bedroom when you design it.But you should know it’s difficult if you don’t know which style you will follow. If you want a combination of many styles like modern and country don’t be afraid if you want to get the best of all the styles you want eclecticism.

Different styles can be combined in an eclectic design but be careful it can be a bit challenging. The main idea is establishing a common thread that will be in the different elements you will put on your design. The result will be confluence that is harmonic.
The common thread could be anything but color is the easiest, choose a palette that you would want to use it can be any hue but they must look good with each other.

When working to have an eclectic design take care of the weight arrangement you want to distribute it evenly in your room an example of this is having an armoire on one side of a bed and on the other side some small jars and a big one.
Be happy because it will not be hard to blend different styles as there are some combinations that are established already for example, the combination of contemporary and country the result is modern country which is the reflection of country design rusty elements with a twist added by modern pieces.

Another example is the mixture of modern and tropical styles will give you contemporary living with a hint of the delights of the natural sunny style. Having your own personal design is a great benefit of the eclectic design you can be creative and come up with a unique style. A makeover is being done to the Louis style it will keep its own elegant traditional nature adding some colorful finishes and chic fabrics.

The most modern styles take their effect from Louis styles (the most famous two are Louis XV and XVI, Louis XV is known for curving and intricate carvings and Louis XVI is known for its straight forms and clean lines), and renovating them with new interpretations.

Another good idea is using the eclectic design with the Indian style but notice this in this style pieces have its own personality it have a lot of color, fabrics and a lot of details. So you need to keep it simple or it will be too much
You can use your brain muscles and make a whole new style this is the beauty of the eclectic style so have fun making your own one.

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