Functional and Amazing Cooking Hood Designs

The cooking hood is an essential part of your kitchen as it is an effective venting method that protects you from the harmful and annoying odors and smokes of the cooked food.There are different kinds of such hoods that can be installed to your ceiling, walls, or floor.

The ceiling cooking hood is the simplest option as it is installed directly above your cooktop and the duct runs to the roof. Such a hood can be mounted to the ceiling itself, partially or fully concealed in the ceiling, orconnected with a fully exposed duct to reach the ceiling according to the height of your ceiling.The wall mounted cooking hood can be installed above your cooktop and the ducts conduct the odors and smokes outside through the wall. The hood itself can be exposed, partially exposed, or concealed in the wall. For some reasons, you may need to install a hood that reaches your ceiling to conduct the odors to your downdraft system, but this idea is less practical and functional.

The cooking hood comes with different sizes to maintain a hygienic environment into your large or small kitchen. However, the hood’s efficiency depends on the capacity of your hood compared to the amount of heat andsmoke regularly comes out of your stove and cooktop. You can find such a hood with different materials such as stainless steel, glass, or any other metal, as it should be rust resistant because it will be exposed to the water most of the time.

To increase the capacity of your existing hood, you should clean it regularly from the grease and dust, or you can choose the self-filtered system to keep a hygienic environment in your kitchen all the time. Try to choose the easy to maintain and repair to be able to keep that hygiene environment.