Functional and Decorative Design Ideas for your Internal Staircases

Are you eager to add a decorative and functional touch to your home but have a small space or even a shortage of ideas? If you have staircases, you can achieve such dreams. Your staircases can serve as a storage space in different ways and a focal point that will enhance the main theme of your home.
You can increase the storage space in your home adding shelves and drawers to the space under your staircases with the doors that will match your staircases’ materials and colors. In fact, this area may store your clothes, books, or the rarely used kitchen utensils and dry food cans. If you need a home office or a playroom for your children and can’t find a complete room for such purposes, the space under your stairs will be perfect. You will need simply to add your furniture and a few decorative pieces to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the place.

The spaces under every step of your staircases can be turned to drawers to store your children’s school needs or the regularly used items. Such a stair can be made of wood or metal to be able to install the drawers and give it a decorative look at the same time. You can give your staircases a decorative look designing them with different shapes such as rainbow windmill, curvilinear, folding stairs, module stairs, line stairs, or stairs with slides on the two sides.

The floating stairs will give your home a clean and spacious look. The handles of such stairs can be made of glass or steel to complete that clean look or can be made of a dark metal for those who are afraid of heights. If you need to add a more dramatic look, you can design your floating stairs on the shape of dinosaur bones or spiral staircases.