Functional and Decorative Room Dividers for Modern Homes

The room divider is a functional part in a studio apartment, a large multifunctional room, and in a place that needs a degree of privacy. Such a divider can be a simple layer of wood or rice paper, a bookcase, cabinets, drawer units, or even a planter with long natural plants.

The modern drawer unit can serve as a perfect room divider. The unit has drawers that open in the two directions and rounded edges to give the place a streamlined and functional look. The box free standing room divider includes a multifunctional range of boxes with different sizes and shapes to give your place a clean modern look.

These open boxes can serve as functional shelves to store your booksand remote controls or display your unique collections of small antiques.The boxes are made of harvested natural mango wood with different colors such as black, grey, or brown.

You can use a curtain made of plastic or fabric as a romantic and lightweight room divider. The sliding panels can be made of fabrics, glass, or metal to add a sense of balance to your home. You can use storage or functional furniture to divide two rooms in your studio or open design home. For example, you can use a large sofa or dining table to define your living room and dining room creating a spacious and airy look in the place.

The green plants will be a healthy and decorative option to divide one large room into sections. If you need more privacy, you may use modern plastic partition with a stylish color and impressive patterns around the area you need to divide. If you have a small space, you can install a mirrored room divider to add a visual illusion to the place.