Functional and Decorative Shelf System Designs for your Home and Office

The shelf system is not only a few shelves arranged above one another, but also several functional accessories to arrange your items neatly in addition to the extra features like wheels and side panels. You will certainly need such shelves in different parts of your office, commercial kitchen, garage, and home.

The freestanding shelves will serve perfectly in your home and office as they can be moved from a wall to another according to the available space and the need. The floating shelves will save more floor space creating a spacious look in the room. You may prefer the inclined shelves when you need to store heavy boxes or containers in the top of your shelves.

The wide floating mantle shelves will be perfect for the lightweight and decorative pieces and antiques as it can be the focal point of the room. Your shelf systems will be perfect to store books, kitchenware, and documents in addition to the large electronics such as TV and computer.

Your shelving system can be made of different materials according to the loads it will endure, the style of your home or office, and the degree of decoration you need to create. The glass shelves will be perfect to endure a few books and accessories in your bedroom ort living room, but the wire steel, metal, or wooden shelves will be more suitable for the functional areas such as your office and bookshelves.

You can decorate your shelves using family framed photos, proper antiques, artistic candles, and pottery according to the mood you need to create. However, you will need to arrange your items using functional accessories. For examples, your books and files will need magnetic labels, plastic ticket holders, and magnetic characters; while the pens, remote controls, and other small items will need sea grass or wicker baskets, and large containers.