6 Functional and Smart Bed Designs

The innovative and smart bed should save your home space, give you a comfortable feel, and decorate the room in a unique way. There are various designs to such beds that will impress you, but you will need to search about what will perfectly meet your bedroom needs.

Having a small or large bedroom space, the smart bed will add functional and decorative look to the place. For example, the interactive smart bed will increase the value of your large bedroom as it is made of modern materials on the shape of an adjustable air filled ball and has cellular structure to be easy to clean. Sleeping on this bed, you will be comfortable and safe because you can monitor what is going on inside and around your home and you can operate these systems by iTunes. You can attach side tables and lights to this hi-tech bed.

The Murphy bed is ideal for your small sized bedroom as it has storage spaces under and around the frame to remove the clutter in a nice way. The area bed has another concept of functionality as it has attached beside table, bench, and table lamp in addition to headboard that may serve as a room divider. This bed can be considered as a mini room; so, it can be placed anywhere in your home.

The smart one-size-fits-all bed has an extremely comfortable mattress that can be extended when you need a larger space and return back to its original size to save your bedroom space. The robotic wheel chair bed will be extremely functional if you have patients in your home as it will provide them comfort and flexibility.The smart luxury bed can be raised to the ceiling to let you use the space in different activities during the day.


Pics Via : designmaze

Pics Via : homesoo