Functional Storage Tricks for a Clean and Sleek Bathroom

The personal belongings used may be the first cause of cluttering your bathroom, but organizing them in the right way will add to the aesthetic look of the place. You will need just to use the perfect cabinet with an impressive lighting system and your bathroom will be your dream space.

Your electric personal belongings can be damaged by any drop of water and may clutter your bathroom if placed on your vanity. Such a simple problem can be solved by a compact nook with a pocket or lift-up door hanged on a convenient height. When you need to use an electric toothbrush, hair dryer, shaver, or straightener; you can just plug the device in the nearest outlet and take it back to the nook immediately after its usage.

The drawer organizers will help every one of your family members find his items easily. If you are just two or three members, you can divide the items according to their types such as combs, razors, brushes, and skincare products. If you will place the washing machine and dryer in your bathroom, you can use a slightly large vanity with drawers at the right-hand and a suitable space for the washer at the left side.

Another trick will be for the younger or shorter members of your family who can hardly reach the sink or basin. To solve their problem, you can place a slide-out step that may serve as a drawer or fold down to save the space.

Your bathroom cabinets will need recessed lights to let you see exactly what you need in the dark. The mirror inside the door of your cabinet will give the place a reflective and spacious look increasing the aesthetic feel of your storage space.

Pics Via : brainlid