Funny colorful kid’s furniture

Having a child into your home is a blessing. Decorating your child room is so funny and creative task. You should consider picking functional, safe and colorful furniture. You have also to be sure that the room theme is so joyful and enjoyable for the kid and reflect his/her personality.

It is common for a girl room to choose pinky color or light red to have a princess feeling while for the boy room you may choose blue or brown and design the room in sportive style.

But you need to make the kid’s room more lively and colorful to be eye-catching and enhance your child energetic feel. So what about to consider the animal themed furniture for the kid’s room and it can be ideal for both genders.

This theme is of course designed for the children to be safe and functional. There are so many pieces of animal shaped items which can enhance your kid’s imagination, let him/her feel the spirit of the jungle and see his animal friends everywhere like a bear, a lion, or a fantasy dinosaur.

Some of the top animal shaped furniture for funny and cool kid’s room:

* Kids Slumber Barnyard Fun Sleeping Bag: it is so charming and funny to have one or two with its bright colors if your child loves the barnyard cartoon.
* Safari Table and Chair set: these animal themed furniture items are so funny additions and their bright colors like red and yellow look so stylish and modern. These items can be shaped like zebra, elephant or giraffe.
* Butterfly Cottage Playhouse: it is a dreamy and cozy item you can pick for your child and can be decorated with butterflies, flowers or dragonflies as your child loves.

You can complete this funny bright look with animal toys made of cotton or safe material for your kids. The wall paint should match the theme and you can put animal stickers around the window. The light is important to enhance your kid’s safari room look.