Funny Touches to Provide Your Home a Whimsical Look

Considering your home as a place of relaxation and amusement after a long day of hard work, you should decorate the place in unusual but comfortable way. Such unusual decorations can be incredibly simple, but will create dramatic changes in the look of the place.

To add an amazing whimsical touch to a certain room, you can just install an unusual looking chandelier on the shape of a forest, fairytales, or even animals. Such a chandelier will reflect its shape on every corner of the room. You can add similar lanterns that can change their color and shape according to your needs.

For a simple funny touch, you can add pull out tables to your living room and home office with a whimsical look that resembles the inverted drawer. Similarly, you can hang inverted artworks on the walls to attract your guests’ attention.

If you one of the journey lovers and need to combine fun with interest, you can install durable glass floor with an open shaft looking under your bathroom. Instead, the 3D floor designs with dangerous prints will do the same effect.Additionally, you can combine the feel of relaxation and fun in your bathroom using 3D floor with realistic footprints on the sand and a real fireplace with a seating area if you have enough space.

You can combine relaxation and amusement in your bedroom using pillows and beddings on the shape of biscuits, pizza, or sandwiches. Your bed itself can take the shape of a fluffy and huge piece of bread.If your bedroom is too hot most of the time, you can create an ice cave around your bed or even install a canopy on the shape of ice to provide you a cold feel whenever you look at your bed.

Palm tree accents add a touch of island-style to a neutral color palette in the bedroom.