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Game Table – Know more about your Billiard Table!

Pool game goes back to the 1940s, yes, it is indeed that old. Not only that, it sure did also exist before that, to be precise about it is really hard but it was nearly around the 1800s. It first existed as a lawn game, so much like golf it was that they changed the rules to be a table based game. If you are a fan of the game like me and like to know more about how to install a billiard table with a matching theme, then you are indeed in the right place.

Now, the first thing to do is what we like to call “Get to know your woman” or in this context your “Table”. A lovely pool table ‘bed’ is made of slate, layers of slate bound together with resin. The amazing cloth we have on top is made of an excellent strong wool with nylon blend which is new to the game thanks to modern technology. It is available in all shapes and sizes so no matter what you will find one that suits your space and your taste.

In order to maintain this beauty you have to make sure to clean it after every game, it might seem a little out there but it is true, this will make it last longer. For the cleaning process you only need to brush off all the chalk and dust and then use the vacuum cleaner to get all the tiny dust out evey week. For the wood, it has to be polished with wood wax twice a year and before applying an anti-termite polish to make the wood in better shape.

Regarding the billiard room theme and style, a retro bar will be an excellent idea as it will get your head and your fellow-players’ straight into the mood of the game. One terrific idea to complement the theme is a music jukebox with retro music. Lights is always a crucial point in any room, especially in a room like this one. Keep the lights in an equal height with your nose bridge when you stand by the table, this will give you the perfect illumination for the table.

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Pics Via : hometone