Glow in the Dark, Paint it, Clothe it and Enjoy it!

Either your painting your kids room or your own, a glow in the dark effect could give you a lot of fun and loveliness. The glow in the dark term is kind of self explanatory, it is an effect that you can add to your room decoration that will provide a source of dim light in your room other than electricity. You can use this effect for the purpose of moving around in the dark or just for an imaginative touch in your room. There are two main ways to apply the glow in the dark effect, by paint or by fabric. Acouple of minutes in the sunlight or 20 minutes in indoor light will make it glow for 5 to 8 hours.

There are five main types of fabric wool, silk, cotton, linen and worsted. To involve glow in the dark yarn or thread in the fabric they are weaved into it. The threads undergo a chemical process to make sure that the pigment stays in the fabric after washing and ironing. However, it is not preferred to face direct ironing heat. You can use fabrics all made up of these threads, but since they are costy you might only use a number of threads to make certain shapes. These fabrics will give your furniture a modern eccentric look.

Paint is also another way to decorate your room, a glow in the dark paint will give you a lovely romantic touch and give your kid a creative and imaginative looo. You can paint stars in the ceiling of your kids room and you will have a piece of outer space locked in a room. For your room you can paint pieces of favourite artworks and shapes that will represent your personality. Both the fabric and the paint will give your home an interesting look, but make sure you design them well to avoid ending up with total chaos.

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