5 Gorgeous Ideas for Decorating Your Vanity Top

Everyone has a vanity in his/her bedroom. What people usually do not know is that a vanity is usually the focal point of many bedrooms. Therefore, it needs special care and attention when decorating it so that it does not look ugly and ruin your whole bedroom look. You will find some gorgeous ideas for decorating your vanity in this article.

1- First of all, keep it simple and avoid clutter. I know that many people’s idea of “accessible” is crowding their vanity top with anything they could think of, but do not do it. There is nothing worse than the sight of dozens of perfume bottles and beauty products on your vanity. The image doubled in the mirror will make that space seem even twice as cluttered. Put your cosmetics and accessories inside your vanity drawers.

2- Another must do is always keep it clean. Cleaning will be easy with your beauty products, accessories and prescription bottles stored away inside your vanity drawers. You do not want dirt and dust around the things you use daily. Besides, a dusty vanity just looks awful.

3- Enhance the focal point view. To make your vanity look even better place it under a window. If you cannot, mount a beautiful large art piece (or some small ones) above it. Make sure it is of a suitable size. It should have (or occupy) a space about the third of your dresser top.

4- Take care of your vanity stool. Their surfaces get dirty too. Powders, cosmetics and hair products find their way to the top of your vanity stool sometime. So clean it gradually. It is best if you tailor some elegant slipcovers for your vanity stool, and clean them and use them alternately.

5- Use a gorgeous piece of accessory to accessorize your vanity top. You have many things you could choose from, a beautiful vase, a carved jewelry box, an indoor plant or even glass decorations. Remember that less is more when it comes to accessorizing.