Gorgeous Lighting Tips for Each Room in Your Home

Let’s begin our tour, starting with the living room; we all know that the living room is a room for several purposes like, reading, relaxing, spending fun times playing games or watching TV. When you choose your living room lighting, make sure to consider these uses and put different lighting factures that serves all your needs. For example, if you want bright lighting, use recessed lighting, cove or valance lighting in the ceiling.

Hanging a pendant or a chandelier would provide good bright lighting. For your reading area, you can use a table or floor lamp next to the chair or the table where you read your books. Give your living room a stylish touch and put some accent lights like, uplights on the floor, spot lights above a painting or soffit lights above your fire place.

Let’s move to your relaxation area, for sure I mean your bedroom. Avoid using any bright lighting in your bed room, you can just use a pendant or chandelier as the bright light source, as it will help you to get ready for work in cloudy days. Hang two sconces above or near your dresser. Enjoy reading in bed and put two table lamps on the nightstands and if you have a special reading area put a floor lamp next to where you sit. If you have a closet in your bed room, put ceiling mounted or recessed fixtures.

Let’s keep moving to the dining room, the main part of the dining room that needs focused light is the dining table, a dimmable chandelier can do the job. Most people put some painting on the walls in their dinning room, if you are one of them, use spot lights above the art works or put two sconces at its both sides to enhance their beauty.

The home entry and the pathways lighting should be quite and simple, you can hang a simple pendant in the ceiling and if your entry is small, two sconces on the wall will be enough. But, if you have a special painting at the entry, using accent lighting will be necessary. If you have a double height entry with stair case, hang a charming chandelier in the ceiling.