Gorgeous Ways to Use Bold Colors in Serene and Calm Bedrooms Inspired by the Designs of Amy Troute

When it comes to bedroom decorating, you should use clean and fresh elements to enhance the relaxing and peaceful look of the place. However, you may need to add a pop of color to enhance a certain theme or refresh the look of the room without affecting the serenity of the place.

The gold and platinum colors can enhance the serenity and calmness of your bedroom greatly, especially if the original color is brown. In one of their renovation projects, Amy Troute Inspire Interior Design team members use golden lampshades and pillow patterns in a cream and grey bedroom to enhance it’s luxurious and calm look.

In their Best Blue Bedroom decor, the team of Amy Troute Inspired Designs uses a blue sofa along with red and orange, citron, and blue throw pillows in a dark grey room to provide the place a gorgeous look. The dark cream upholstered bed with a matching bench and light green roman shades enhance the calm and serene look of the place.

Similarly, the team uses a unique neutral shade of blue to paint the walls of Arnold Street Guest Room along with deco-print pillows and warm lighting lampshades to create a dramatic look in the place.

The soothing tones can create a restful retreat in your existing bedroom, but you can add a touch of color using accessories to provide the place a lively look. In Pam’s Guest room, Amy Troute and her team use yellow and blue pillows and sofa fabrics in a soothing gold and white room to refresh the look of the place. To enhance this addition, the team decorates the place with an antique picture with blue and yellow drawings. If you live in Portland or metro area in SW Washington, you can contact Amy Troute Inspired Interior Design and get similar services.