Gothic design for bedrooms

If you are a big fan of vampires and Gothic , and you have a great passion for that mysterious world that is full of wonders , then don’t hesitate to invite that world of your favorite near to you a matter of fact invite it as near as your all time surrounding world . fascinate your friends when they come over , or fascinate your soul mate every night with that attractive Gothic environment that you will turn your bedroom into.

Gothic style bedrooms are becoming a leader choice for a lot of people in the modern decor fashion fads due to the resounding success that many of the vampire movies and novels achieved recently , these imaginary characters have captivated a lot of people hearts particularly teens which have pushed them in an direct way to want to be surrounded by a Gothic inspired ambiances even in their bedrooms .

When you start thinking about a Gothic bedroom design the first thing that comes to mind is black color . well , black color is definitely going to use but accompanied with different colors the give you the result you are looking forward to .

For example don’t paint the walls all black , the fact the black is the most heat consuming color will make the room a lot hotter during the summer if all walls are painted in black , log in colors such as hot pink , purple ,dark red , gray or beige with the accent of black to achieve a desired result .

Black four posters bed would be the excellent choice to match the whole room design , the bedding sets could be black with the accent of dark red or silver and billow cases could be hot pink or dark purple.

Consider lighting the room with rustic iron chandeliers to lend the room an antique feel .copper or silver candle sticks on the side comoads of the bed will be a great source of light that will compliment the rest of the room design.

Accessories the walls with silver framed mirrors or classic vampire characters , skull models an hang some wood crucifixes to enhance the Gothic sensation , use faux iron table lights and some red dried flowers served on silver plates to assure a fantastic result. Stained wood is a great suggestion for the flooring that you should consider . if you prefer carpeting then use a dark purple carpet and a very furry black rug in the center of it .

26 Impressive Gothic Bedroom Design Ideas