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Gothic Design For Living Rooms

Gothic designs speak of mystery and deep beauty , the dark colors used in Gothic designs makes the room end up looking very elegant, sophisticated and heart capturing , choosing a Gothic design for your living room will surprise your guests every time they stop by your house , if you are interested then follow up with us on this article we will give you some tips to create your own little Gothic world that’s full of wonders in your house .

Some people think as long as you are talking about a Gothic design then that mean black walls, well that is not true , black color is important to create a Gothic style but it doesn’t have to be the overall color used for painting the walls , colors such as gray , deep blue , purple , and red represent the Gothic concept , while you can use black as an accent color , paint the wall of your room’s focal point black and the rest of the walls different Gothic colors as mentioned above , or make one wall of stone as was used in the Gothic era , or you can make the ceiling made of stone while using the colors mentioned above in different shades for the walls .

Floors must be made of either stone or stained wood to give it the old appeal if you prefer carpeting then dark purple or gray carpets would be ideal , black silky rug in the middle will complete the Gothic effect.

Use heavy fabrics dark colors for the drapes long drapes flowing to the floor , drapes should be with a thickness to keep out most of the day time light to keep the room as dark as possible which enhance the intimate feeling of a Gothic room .

As for the lighting , Gothic design is all about dim lights , low light sources , indirect light , use cancels in a classical copper candlesticks to lighten the room , classic chandeliers hanging from the middle of your ceiling will be ideal .

Get furniture sets that’s are made from solid wood dark chocolate brown or even painted in black , silver , white or gray , painted rough iron furniture will also blend in nicely with the rest of the decorative items of the room.

Use paintings of scenes of the Gothic era to decorate your wall , religious symbols and crosses , mirrors also are an important element in terms of accessorising your Gothic living room , dried flowers in silver plates will add a desired touch to the room .

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