Gothic-Up Your Bedroom with Few Simple Steps

One of the designs that are becoming widely popular in both fashion and decor is gothic design. Gothic d├ęcor has a beautiful mysterious touch that never fails to draw fans. However, gothic decor involves more than just dark colors and mysterious-looking furniture. Here is how to gothic-up a bedroom.

1- First and most important clean and de-clutter your room. There is no place for mess in gothic design (or any design for that matter). To showcase a certain decor you love, you have to lessen non-related visual factors. Now that you have got rid of the mess, sweep, vacuum, scrub and mop everything clean.

2- Gothic style is known for diversity. There are many styles you could apply to your room and it will still be called gothic design. Choose a gothic design that reflects your personality and make you feel most at home when you are at your room.

3- One of the most important characteristics of gothic decor is color. The colors you could use (there are many others, do not limit your selection to those) in gothic design are black, pink, royal red, blue, dark purple and silver.

4- Choose decorations that suit gothic design. If you are at a loss look for examples for gothic decorations on internet. One example of gorgeous gothic ornaments are candles and candleholders. Cushions and throw pillows work too. Make sure they have silk and lace embroideries, and that some of them at least are black, red or purple. As for art decorations, get paintings and framed posters with your favorite gothic colors.

5- Get sheets, pillowcases and bedspreads in your favorite gothic colors. The key fabrics here that will give your room a gothic touch are velvet, satin and silk. You do not find them comfortable? Then use them for decorative covers only, or

make sure your sheets and covers have hems that are decorated with these materials.
Gothic designs is enchanting and those who love it have a mysterious charismatic character.