Granite Countertops for a Life Time

If you are looking for the easiest surfaces to keep then get granite ones. If you want your countertops to last as long as you want follow these tips carefully. Every day clean it with mixing a dish soap and water, or apply a neutral, non-abrasive cleanser with a soft cloth. Also you can use your house cleaners like409, or Lysol. But be careful with them, you don’t want to use them a lot as they can break the sealer. So to be safe stick with a sponge with some warm water .

If there is a streaking body oil or smudges and you don’t have a cleanser make a solution of vinegar and water it works like magic. Your granite is dark colored and you want to keep fingerprints off it apply furniture polish which will also give a nice touch to the countertops.

Temperature don’t affect granite so, you can put anything whatever it’s hot or cold on it and nothing will happen to it. But if your countertop has a seam in it, this another story keep anything hot from the seam area as it has epoxy which melts if exposed to heat. If you want to cut your food directly on granite countertops it won’t harm it in any way but it’s not good for your knives. Granite darkening is not bad it will go away when the water evaporates, this show you how important resealing is.

The guy who installed your countertop must have sealed it but if you have to reseal it make sure you know the type of your stone and how much work is done on it. To make sure you need the resealing, sprinkle some water on it if it got absorbed then you need resealing.

From any home improvement store buy the sealer, also focus only on the troubled area. No sealer is perfect so protect your countertop by always wiping it. The most common cause for stains is cooking so, don’t put your oil bottles, pans, cans or rusty pots. Always keep coasters in your reach for your glasses which contains citrus juices and alcohol.

A straight razor is your weapon against lime build ups, stuck on tape, dried paint, glue, residue, and dried food.
KILL any stain by the following steps. Firstly, a paste made of mixing diatomaceousearth and 10% hydrogen peroxide. Form the mix into a pancake and cover the stain with it then, cover it with clear plastic wrap and tape the edges. Leave it overnight and it will pull the stain from the countertop. If the stain is power full mix diatomaceousearth with nail polish remover.

Granite scratches only by quartz or harder things like diamonds so remove your jewelry before you enter the kitchen. Use mates under dishes that can scratch granite like stoneware dishes that contain rough silica. Secure your marble cutting board on their feet and if your granite chips save it as, it can be reattached.

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