5 Great Ideas for Creative DIY Table Designs

Tables are no longer these four-legged pieces of furniture you get for putting your coffee mug above. People’s wild interest in décor and design have resulted in a variety of transformations to every pieces of furniture one might think of, including tables. However, those with a limited budget may think that acquiring a gorgeous table is out of reach, but you will learn otherwise here with these great DIY table design ideas.

1- Crate coffee tables are vintage chic and are easy DIY decor project. To make this table, you need 4 12.5″W x 18″L x 9.5″H crates, four casters and two 1x2x6 pieces of wood, and some screws, nails, bolts, and glue. Attach the crate so that the open side of each crate faces one direction.

2- A log table is another great idea for a chick DIY table design. If you are living somewhere close to a forest, you could get a portion of a tree log and attach it to a regular stool table with nails. If you are not, order a log stool from furniture stores and use it as an end table.

3- A striped table is another creative DIY idea, and it does not even involve using paint. Get some boring-looking table that you want to renovate and a few rolls of colored tape and cover the table surface with the stripes of colored tape. When you finish protect your table surface with a glass sheet.

4- Window coffee table is also a great DIY creative idea. It is also a multi-purposed table since you can use it for storing magazines and books. Cover the back of the window with wood planks cut to suit its size. Then attach a handle and four legs to the window, and leave the window glass as it is or decorate it with glass paint.

5- You have a table with a hideous design and want to give it a makeover? Then how about this great DIY idea: get few rolls of wall paper in your favorite solid colors, then cut them into triangle and cover the table surface with them to create a graphic top table.

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