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3 Great Ideas for Decorating Kitchens with White Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are basically painted in white. That is the usual standard color for every modern kitchen. It is a stunning color but it might seem too bland and barren for some people. At the same time, they would think that changing the color of these cabinets might de-characterize their kitchens and waste a big part of their charm. Here we will teach how to decorate your white-cabinets-kitchen and keep that gorgeous white of these cabinets at the same time.

1- First thing that should come to mind is livening things up a little. Few touches of cheery flowery colors will liven things up for your kitchen. You can stick some cut out stickers on the cabinets and the walls to break the barren ambiance of the kitchen. You could use things other than stickers. Some potted plants, colorful hand towels, colorful jars and earthenware pots will give you the colors you need.

2- Use contrast to your Advantage. Contrast is a powerful tool when it comes to modern decor. Therefore, you could paint the kitchen walls in black or use black tiles for a bold striking effect. You could even use white and black tiles for more of that effect in your kitchen. You could also paint the edges of the cabinets in black or use stencil art for that.

3- A little sparkle does wonders. White helps make your kitchen look larger and more well-lit. So why don’t you use other elements with the same strength? Mirrors and glass will give your kitchen a classy modern look. A glass rack for example will help you achieve that. A big mirror on your kitchen walls will help you with that as well.

Do not give up on your white kitchen cabinets or repaint them just because they are white. Summon up some creative ideas and you will find that the white of your kitchen is what made you fall in love with it in the first place.