Great Ideas for Double-Purpose Rooms

Do you live in a small apartment and just have the need to do many things but feel that neither the space nor the setting helps you do the things you have in mind? Do you feel trapped by the small space and need some out of the box ideas to help you make the most of this small space? Well, do not worry because we will tell you some great ideas for making some of your rooms double purposed.

1- A living room could also be a guest room. So when you have a guest who has come from somewhere faraway and is staying over, and you do not want to get kicked out of your bed, why don’t you change your living room into a comfortable guest room? There are now sofa beds and sleeper sofas available that can serve the purpose of both sleeping and sitting. You will not have to make major changes in the room or ruin its look with covers, pillows and such. These sofas are prepared with a place to put away the blankets and the pillows. You can change them from sofas to beds quickly and comfortably.

2- Make a studying area out of your living room. There are a lot of furniture pieces that are set to serve as tables as well as cabinets. Ottomans and end table cabinets serve this purpose so use them to put away books and stationary. You could also use a folding desk or a folding table for studying, and when they are not in use they can be folded and put away easily, and they will not consume any space at all.

3- Use a laundry room as closet as well. You could invest in a washer dryer to save space. Install shelves and put an assemble-it- yourself wardrobe inside it. Get a ladder to get to the higher shelves. You will be able to put away all sorts of things in this room.

I am sure that with some creative thinking you will find more ideas for double purpose rooms that will save space and make your place more gorgeous.

Pics Via : goodlookingthings