7 Great Ideas for Ergonomic Kitchen Decor

Ergonomic decor is about making your space more relaxing. When it comes to the kitchen, It was designed so that you do not feel like you have just went through war after preparing dinner. It makes your kitchen chores easier, makes your appliances more accessible and your time at the kitchen accident-free. All of which is needed for every woman of any age.

1- Instead of lower kitchen cabinets, use drawers. Then you will not have to bend for a long time when getting something you need.

2- Design your kitchen so that your countertop or kitchen island is close to the stove and the sink. In other words, make sure that the spaces where most of the action happens are close to each other.

3- The appliances and the groceries you use often should be kept inside drawers and cabinets you can access without bending or standing on your tiptoes. Then store the things you need according to how much you need them (the less they are used, the farther they should be).

4- The countertop height should be suitable for comfortable working. Some say it should be 1m high at least but this is your choice.

5- You should not feel like going to the optician every time you finish your kitchen work. Therefore, install sufficient lighting. Do not forget dark places like under the sink and under the cabinets.

6- Remember to tell the contractor that you are left handed if you are. He will design and place the different fixtures and appliances so that you feel comfortable when doing your kitchen work.

7- Not all kitchen work should be done standing. Get a comfortable kitchen stool and place it close to you so that you could do most of your kitchen work sitting.

The work you do on a regular basis – like kitchen work – should be made as comfortable as possible so that it would not take a toll on your health and ruin your golden years.

Pics Via : bthrifty