4 Great Ideas for Making Your House Gorgeous Mexican Style

Mexican culture is beautiful, colorful and entertaining. It is no wonder that all that beauty and magic is reflected on every aspect of Mexican life whether it was cooking, art or house design. Part of the beauty of Mexican décor is due to the fact that it is effected by every style used in Mexico in different times in History. Here we will tell you few great ideas for giving your house a gorgeous Mexican touch.

1- There are certain colors used in Mexican décor and others that are not. Stay away from colors that look manufactured and unreal. Use matt earthy and neutral colors. That includes tones and combinations of beige, brown , yellow and cream. Then liven things up with touches of red, yellow, orange, green and blue.

2- Terra cotta (baked clay) materials are one of the things that gives Mexican flavor to your décor. Therefore, when decorating in a Mexican style use terracotta in tiles, floorings and even in ornaments.

3- Use cheerful colors in your kitchen to display your love for Mexican style. Not only could you use colorful tiles, walls and counter tops, but you could also use hung onions and chili peppers to give your kitchen – not just your food – a Mexican flavor.

4- Cheerful vivid combinations of colors are a characteristic of Mexican culture. So how about some painted pottery on your dining room shelves? Also, use lots of woven blankets and colorful cushions.

5- Rustic and woven furniture is another thing you will find plenty in Mexican style. Outdoor furniture, however, is more simple. Get a hammock for a nap outdoors. For your gatherings with friends use low slung furniture and floor pillows. Mexican culture has a natural beauty that can be implemented and displayed in your house with the least expenses.

Pics Via : architectureinteriordesigns