5 Great Ideas for Modern Design Lovers

Have you always lived in a traditional design home using traditional design furniture but you have come to think “enough is enough” and “lets embrace the modern spirit”? In other words, do you like to ditch your old extravagant furniture with its complicated lines and patterns, and flowery colors and try modern furniture and designs? Here are some genuine ideas that will introduce you to modern design.

1- First and most evident thing in modern design is: keep it simple! So French, Victorian and such designs are absolutely out of your list. There is no complicated lines and weird angels, and no minute details you could only see with magnifying glass. Clean, simple and clear lines are all you need.

2- Another idea modern design lovers could use is using marble. Marble might seem pricy but its durability and beauty are matchless. Lucky for you, marble and granite comes in neutral colors so you will not have a hard time matching it with the colors of your furniture.

3- If you want it modern then have it in a light color, and I am not talking about fashion! Modern design uses light and bright colors a lot. Black and dark colors are only used to accentuate whites and light bright colors. So the lighter shades are the most important. There is even a modern style design (minimalism) which focuses on the use of white.

4- Use multiple materials. There are many materials that can be used for making modern furniture, in contrast with traditional furniture, which only uses wood and fabrics. So lessen your contribution in depleting trees from the world and choose furniture made of metal, plastic etc.

5-For lighting, use lighting fixtures. They will give your house a sleek modern touch. So get rid of those night lamps with their weird lampshades and extravagant frills.

You know now what you need to do and what you need to get to embrace modern design. No extremities, all you need are simple lines and simple colors, and a bit of metal and stone here and there.

Pics Via : jp-designer

Pics Via : skroutzondeck