3 Great Ideas for a Modern Kitchen from a New Perspective

What usually pops to our minds when we hear the word “kitchen” is eating and cooking. However, People now are in kitchens for a lot more than that. Kids do their homework in kitchen and some times hide under its table or inside some of its lower cabinets for hide and seek games. Adults chat and watch TV there. We even see housewives on TV playing cards with their neighbors on the kitchen table. Therefore, we need new ideas that fit the new role kitchen plays in our lives.

1- Get rid of rooms you do not need for an extra kitchen space you really need. Instead of the dining room that consumes space and is excessively and expensively furnished but rarely used, why don’t you use its space for a larger kitchen? You will save money spent on the dinning room furniture and decoration and get a new practical easy to use (and easy on the eyes) kitchen. Kitchen space is very important so that you could do kitchen chores easily and effectively.

2- Establish unity in your kitchen. By this, we mean choosing a certain element or material and using it over and over again. This is a neat trick especially if you are living in a loft and have no kitchen walls. This trick well help at setting and defining kitchen space. Therefore, use laminates –for example- for your kitchen floors, walls and countertops to give your kitchen a cohesive look.

3- Make your kitchen more convenient and comfortable. If you and your family spend most of your time in the kitchen then it is common sense that you should make it more comfortable. You could bring your laptop there and put it on the corner farthest from the stove and the sink. You could put a TV on the fridge so that you could watch the morning news with your family. Also, goes without saying that you should get every appliance you need to make your kitchen work faster and more effective.

A kitchen you spend most of your time in should be as convenient, comfortable and stylish as possible. So be sure to make it so.

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