3 Great Ideas for Spacious Living rooms

Some times people are lucky to have one or more spacious rooms in their houses, one of which is the living room. However, this blessing is misused sometimes. They cram weird and useless pieces of furniture just because they think it looks empty. They end up with a room that looks more like storage and less like a living room, and learn – too late- that the answer is not in filling it with living room furniture. We will show you some great ideas on how to use the extra space in your large living room to your advantage.

1- Make a home office. A home office is necessary even if you have a day job and do not do any work from home. You can use it for checking mail and emails and checking your bank accounts. For a home office, use a bookcase to separate spaces between the living room and the home office. It will also help you to put away books and important papers. To specify that this is the home office area use repeated elements like same materials or similar tones of the same color.

2- A spacious living room is also good for making an arts and crafts room. Use a wall divider to separate spaces and also to display the embodiments of your creativity (especially if you are into needlework or painting). Get a desk so that you could have easy access to all your art supplies. You could even place your sewing machine there. Use a bookcase for storing supplies you do not need often and for separating space between your living room and this room.

3- You can also make a studying room out of a third of your living room space. Get a desk to use your computer comfortably or for studying and finishing homework. Moreover, get a couch and a coffee table if your kids feel the need to relax more when studying. Spacious living rooms are a gift that should not be underestimated so use it well.