Several Great ideas to solve the Problem of Narrow Spaces

Your home is small or narrow? surely this problem encounters a lot of us , let us learn how to organize and rearrange it .Of course, first thing you need to think about is to get small pieces of furniture instead of big ones for your place. Only keep that which is absolutely necessary, also you must keep in mind the design of furniture. We will show in this topic some solutions that will help you solve the problem of small rooms :

1- Of course the bed is an essential piece for the bedroom. It must be simple so that fits the room, or use a modern style bed due because of its simplicity and Elegance.
Also, you can use wall bed Because it provides you with space, or use a sofa bed.

2- wardrobes and cabinets : use slender wardrobe , and if possible get a bed with storage function .

3- As for the living room, you must choose small pieces of furniture. You can also use a sofa and two chairs only, or a big sofa and a love seat

4- If the children bedroom is small, and you have more than one child, you can use a bunk bed

5- You should choose light colors such as whit or pink, simple curtains and carpets, and simple designs for the windows and the doors.

6- You also can use an ottoman: it is a unique piece in the house. It can be used as a table, chair or even as a storage.

Finally, I would like to say that there are many solutions to the problem of small space, and It is important to know how to implement these solutions in our homes.