3 Great Multi purposed Furniture Ideas

Many people today are suffering from the problem of space. It is an inevitable downsize of the increase of population. One of the solutions proposed for this problem is using furniture that serves a number of purposes. Using such furniture helps at limiting the number of furniture pieces you need in your apartment and thus give you more space. Here we are going to read about some of the greatest ideas for multi-purposed furniture.

1- One of the greatest ideas for saving space is matroshkas. Those who are familiar with Russian culture will remember another term, which is “Materioshka”. It is a set of dolls that can be gathered and put inside each other. Matroshka is a set of furniture pieces that can be used to make a dining table, a bed, a coffee table etc. Moreover, you can gather the pieces and put them inside one another to lessen the space they consume.

2- Aleph box furniture is especially good for those who live in tiny places and those who live alone. As the name implies, this furniture is inspired by boxes. A set of boxes, lids and sticks are presented to you, and you can adjust and configure them anyway you want to make whatever piece you like. You can make a table, a couple of chairs, a wardrobe, a bookrack etc.

3- Land peel is probably one of the greatest ideas ever for saving space and multi-purposed furniture. It is basically a mat made of panels which you could “peel” of the floor to make a chair or a table. The beauty of this piece lies in the fact that it was created by Japanese designers and it actually embodies the simplicity of Japanese life which avoids cramming your place with furniture.

There are many other types of multi-purposed furniture which can save space and decorate your rooms. With this type of furniture, living in a small place will not seem difficult anymore.

Pics Via : groovexi