3 Great if Simple Ideas for Painting a Teen’s Room

Painting a room is one of the most cost-effective but simple ideas for greatly changing how a room looks. A great change in little time with little cost is what you need for dramatizing a teen’s room. Read here some of the greatest and simplest ideas for painting your teen’s room.

1- Use painter’s tape and laser level to create a bold effect by making a rainbow of gorgeous colors. Paint the lines horizontally around the whole room, but paint them vertically on the wall or the ceiling. The different colors will have a refreshing impact on your teens’ room and they will like how they enjoy the variety of colors on their walls not just their wardrobe.

2 – Painting does not have to end at the walls. You can paint the furniture as well. Bed frames, doors, window frames and even the cabinets and tables could use some paint as well. Using some primer and sandpaper your furniture will be ready for the new paint. Involve your teen kids in the process and let them choose the hues and colors of paint they want and even help in the painting.

3- Do you think that the color your teen kids have chosen is too bold or different than the rest of the house? Then it is time to compromise and find some ways around this. A too-striking color can be used as an accent color for your teens’ room. Use stencils your kids choose to paint in that color. Match it and contrast it with other colors in the room. Most likely, that is what your teens had in mind for that color.

Coloring your teens’ bedroom is a “safe” and great way for reflecting their personality on their room and showing off their vigorous rebellious spirit.