5 Great Solutions to The Dilemma of Remodeling Your Small Kitchen on a Limited Budget

Most people today are barely able to make ends meet. So living in a big house with a spacious kitchen is a luxury they cannot afford. Working in a small kitchen has become a common thing that decor designers and magazines are always trying to solve to make working in a small kitchen a little better for all those poor souls. We shall show you now a few of the solutions that those designers have come up with for the dilemma of remodeling your kitchen on a limited budget.

1- One of the oldest tricks of changing how a place looks is moving the furniture around. Rearrange the furniture and see how your kitchen looks like after the change. Put things you need most close by and make sure you utilize every available space effectively.

2- Giving your kitchen furniture a fresh coat of paint might be all what it takes to change how your kitchen looks. Use a shade suitable to the walls and your kitchen appliances and paint away! You may also use more than one color, and you could even use contrasting colors to give your kitchen a lively effect.

3- Add some lights. Using lighting fixtures will change how your kitchen looks. There are so many lighting designs you could choose from at affordable prices. Make sure you use LED (light emitting diodes) which will reduce your electricity bill significantly and are also environment friendly.

4- Use mounting shelves. Shelves help you put things away and reduce clutter, which is necessary in the kitchen. You might not be able to get new cabinets, but you can definitely get new shelves.

5- Install many hooks. Hooks will help you hang many things in your kitchen. Almost all kitchen utensils, pots and pans can be hung using hooks. Even some kitchen appliances can be hung with hooks. For example, use hooks to mount a space rack, a paper roll holder and a storage basket on the wall.

Small kitchens are a headache especially on a small budget. But some creative ideas put to work might just be the solution to your small kitchen remodeling problem.

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