3 Great Theme Ideas for Unisex Nurseries

Preparing a nursery for a baby on the way is one of the greatest times in the lives of every expecting parents. They would think of themes for decorating their baby’s room. Usually they choose cowboy or pirate themes for boys, and flowers or ribbons for girls. However, what if you are expecting a boy girl twin? You need themes suitable for a unisex nursery.

1- Circus is a fun theme for a unisex nursery. Soft shades of yellow or blue will work great for a background. Then use stencil art to draw circus animals. Also, use stuffed circus animals to decorate the room. You could use similar ideas for the covers, the curtains, and the carpets.

2- Balloons are another great theme for a unisex nursery. Balloons are easy to draw, so paint the walls in blue for a sky-like background, and then draw balloons. You can use this theme also for the sheets. Another great idea to represent this theme is throw pillows with different shapes and colors that look like balloons. Use balloon stickers to decorate the changing table.

3- Geometric shapes will look gorgeous in a nursery as well. What is even better, is that you do not have to stick to certain colors like in other themes. Accessories and furniture depicting geometric shapes are also easy to make and find. You could consider cabinets squares and rectangles, and get round cushions for circular shapes. Follow the theme for other accessories and decorations in the room.

Having a boy girl twin is a great blessing. You will enjoy the time you dedicate for them and the time you spend for decorating their room even if they have not arrived yet.

Pics Via : homedesigns

Pics Via : newbornhub