4 Great Themes for Decorating Feminine Bathrooms

Bathroom is one of the rooms that greatly reflect your character. Moreover, women spend a lot of time in bathroom. So it is common sense that they need to make their bathrooms feminine and relaxing. There are many ideas and themes a girl could choose from to reflect her taste and personality when decorating her bathroom. We shall tell girls of some great themes that can be used for decorating their bathrooms.

1- Not only are polka dots great on dresses and scarves, but they are amazing in bathrooms as well. Polka dots will give your bathroom a feminine sleek and stylish look. You could also paint or stick polka dots to your bathroom ceiling to accentuate the effect. Polka dots bathroom matt and towels will also be great accessories for your bathroom. You could also use window curtains or shower curtains with polka dots to accentuate the effect.

2- What are the things girls love most? Flowers, off course! Flowers are one of the greatest themes ever for decorating feminine bathrooms. What is even more awesome is that different flowers give your bathroom different effects. There is a variety of flower designs for bathroom tiles and accessories. For example, if you want to create a beautiful tropical atmosphere, there is no better way to represent it than with tropical flowers like Hibiscus. Flowers on bathroom tiles, towels, matt and shower curtains will make you feel as if you are in a garden rather than a bathroom.

3- We have just said that girls love flowers most, but they do love jewels and jewelry as well. Mosaic bathroom tiles, beads, and stained glass all represent jewelry theme. A stained glass sheet for your shower enclosure will look amazingly stylish and provide the shower area with the necessary privacy. Bathroom mirror decorated with beads also look fabulous. Ideas that represent jewelry theme are limitless.

It is important that you style where you live and the rooms you use to your liking. Therefore, if you are a girl, styling your bathroom in a feminine theme you love is a great thing.