Few Great Tips on the Art of Choosing Cushions

Everyone gets bored with their house style sometime. When you look for an affordable change that does a great impact on your living room design, you add or change a few accessories. One of the greatest affordable changes you could do for your living room is adding or changing cushions. Choosing cushions is an art, and we shall give you a few great tips on how to do it.

1- When it comes to the size of your living room cushions, you have to remember that the bigger the piece the bigger the cushion. So even if really big cushions seem fluffy and cuddly to you, do not get them as they will ruin your living room look. Only get these oversized cushions if you have a big couch.

2- You might think I am kidding but honestly how squishy the cushion matters too. Cushions filled with Styrofoam and synthetic mix maintain their shape and keep the cushion looking right. However, they are not as soft as feathers or goose down. Nevertheless, these are expensive so look for something in between.

3- Number of cushions is also important. You do not want to get only one that looks sad as if it has lost its family. However, you do not want to get so many that will need to toss them away to be able to sit.

4- You will have to choose a certain shape for your cushions, right? There are bolster, round, rectangle, and square cushions. Choose a shape that contrasts a bit with the lines of your living room furniture. Break the sharpness with round cushions and use square cushions for furniture with lots of round edges.

5- The last and most important is the patterns on your cushions. There are so many choices. Use colors from your living room walls and furniture in the patterns. Also contrast solid colored cushions to patterned sofas and vice versa.

Do not be overwhelmed by the wide assortment of choices for your cushions. Consider this a game and enjoy playing and experimenting with it.

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