5 Great Tips for Decorating Black and White Modern Kitchens

Popular modern kitchen designs are many. Black and white colors are two of the most important colors used for emphasizing modern design. It can even be considered a theme as some people label these kitchens “Black and White kitchens”. There are many great ideas that will help you use these colors smartly. Here are some of them:

1- Choose carefully when to go white and when to go black. Go for black cabinets, black appliances, and white countertops. On the other hand, you could try the opposite. Create a stylish balance for a sleek look.

2- White is for big and black is for small. Go for white for wide surfaces because they will make your kitchen look larger, and choose black for the small things and the thin lines. It will not make your kitchen look crowded and it will give it the elegant contrast it needs.

3- If you need to add some colorful splotches, opt for blue, red, orange and black. These colors match white and black well. They can be in your kitchen as towels, appliances, spice jars etc.

4- Choose lightings and surfaces that enhance natural light in your kitchen. You can add a few big mirrors and hang them on the cabinet doors. Light is the main reason why small spaces look bigger than they really are. It also compliments the black and white look well.

5- Make sure your kitchen walls colors are suitable to the rest of your kitchen. You could go for white tiles and white paint if you want more of that spacious ambiance. However, you could also choose prints and tiles with a mixture of both colors, like black and white tiles, or square dots and polka dots. You could also choose other colors that match black and white, like creams, yellows, and grays. These tips will help you with using black and white stylishly and to their utmost abilities. It is important that you understand what you are about to do when choosing colors for your modern kitchen.