If You Think the Grey Walls Are Boring, Rachel Reider Will Help You Change Your Mind

Grey is a neutral, unemotional, detached, indecisive, and impartial color that will be a perfect background to any decorative themes. As the colors of your home are a reflection of your personality, you will use such a color if you are a practical, calm, hard worker, emotion controller, person who hates the chaotic outside world and loves to make balanced judgments. However, you should enhance such grey walls using a splash of color like the projects of Rachel Reider.

Your choice to a certain shade of grey should reflect the mood you need to create, as the light grey shades will create a lively and airy look, while the darker shades will be dramatic and mysterious. You can counterbalance different shades of grey with warm wood tones and certainly plenty of natural light and metallic accessories to create a unique serenity in the place.

Using grey as a base of interesting themes is a nice idea to combine the different personalities of your family members. In Rhode Island home, Rachel and her team enhance the seaside theme in the grey colored spaces using white and blue pillows and paintings in addition to large furniture pieces to create an airy feel along the place.

In addition to such a splash of color, Rachel highlights the interesting look in a Chestnut Hill apartment using geometric shaped, glossy, and fluffy furniture and fresh or faux plants in addition to the different shades of grey walls.

Such grey walls will blend perfectly with your high-end modern, traditional, and rustic settings alike, but the decorative elements and furniture will make the difference. Rachel and her team create a warm and peaceful feel in the Field Guide hotel using rustic decorative elements such as beamed ceiling, wooden ring accent wall, fluffy fur rugs, and white and grey colors.