Your Guide to add an additional Room

Convert your apartment to be comfortable. if you own the apartment decor it to be spacious and elegant.
But if the apartment is rented, creativity and limiting your investment are the answer. Items that take small space and cost small amount of money, is what you should buy.

It’s possible to add a room by using room dividers which, provides shelves for your items, it’s not expensive but have a lot of benefits. Garage apartments are a wonderful investment which you can earn extra money from and have more space. For automatic extra money you can rent the apartment and for more space convert the garage to an office, a sleeping room or even a storage room.

Hanging curtains separates your bedroom from the rest of apartment. Beaded curtains are also a creative alternative as they can be swept and tied off. Hidden, storage and wall beds are types of Beds that save space. Those beds will help you when you have a sleepover or when you need to build an extra room.

When the space is a problem for you it’s hard to feel in home. a few decorating can convert it to home.
Firstly, ask your landlord for decorating guidelines to what you are allowed to do or don’t. Analyze your space and features and point out the pros and cons of each room to know what you want to emphasize (big windows)and what you need to work on(awkward spaces).

Secondly, specify your budget which you will follow. if it’s small concentrate on necessities and high impact stuff. TAKE CARE of coloring and right placement. If you can repaint it’s the cheapest and easiest way to have a new atmosphere.

For small apartments with few windows, combine light colors to have the illusion of additional light. If you aren’t allowed to repaint, fabric swatches are the answer. Hang them on the walls or add printed room dividers which will add dimension and color to your room. Home is where the heart is. Put your heart in your ideas, in no time you will be at home.
Stay away from interior decorating with a lot of accessories, as it make your apartment look smaller.

A color palette will make your apartment feel sizeable, have color in addition to making it appear more spacious by painting it with colors that have equal brightness or use a monochromatic palette.
Add width to the room by painting an opposing wall with intense hue which will give it the appearance of being further .a trick for a bigger room is to paint the walls a shade that make them recede_grayish or blue gray paints are used for this.

Make good use of your space. Use decorating ideas which includes a lot of baskets and shelving. Choose smaller items and use them moderately also use floor to ceiling shelves which will give the room a bigger look. Mix in selected larger items. You can go for small settee and include a large potted plant, this adds a wider look to the room.

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