A Brief Guide to Design a Stylish Kitchen on Budget by Cheryl Hamilton-Gray

Do you have a growing family and intend to remodel your kitchen to reflect your stylish and organized personality or to add a family eating space? In this article, Cheryl Hamilton-Gray will provide you pro tips to design a high-end kitchen without breaking the bank.

To design a modern kitchen, try to use sturdy and stylish finishes such as lacquer, laminate, chiseled marble, thin porcelain slab or even wired-brushed wood to keep the trendy look of the place for long years.

Whether you will choose a glass, painted metal, Calcutta marble, or engineered countertops, make sure it will reflect your lifestyle and your family growing needs. If you will purchase new appliances, try to invest in white and black ones, as the black appliances in particular will fit your coming remodeling projects.

Your kitchen cabinets shouldn’t be new or customized to provide the place a stylish look. You can shop for seconds in a flea market, thrift, or an antique store to find vertical or horizontal modular segments locking into each other to save your kitchen space. If you have suitable DIY skills, don’t hesitate to use them, as you will provide the place a personal impact and save your money. Even if you use inexpensive materials in your kitchen, the delicate curved cabinets and island along with LED lights inside them will certainly provide the whole place a breathtaking look.

It will be a great idea to install functional pieces in your kitchen with unusual shapes such as a handless cabinet with a u-channel opening or horizontally stacked cabinet accessed by a remote control. You can add a wow factor such as glass backsplashes or large windows displaying the outdoor marvelous views like the family room flip designed by Cheryl Hamilton-Gray and her design team.