4 Handy Space Saving Solutions for Small Apartments

Usually, you are not one of the lucky few who can afford big mansions and spacious flats, therefore the need arises for practical space saving solutions. Well, we all know about the basics of saving space in small apartments and houses like de-cluttering the room and using vertical wall space. However, there are few handy space saving solutions that people forget, and we shall remind you of them.

1- Make a mudroom in your house’s entryway. People usually neglect or forget entryways which can provide you with much needed storage space. A mudroom is the place you set in the entryway for storing coats, shoes, bags and many other things. Provide this area with a bench and store your boots and gardening tools under it. Install hooks and hang umbrellas, scarves and raincoats. In other words, keep in there whatever you might need when going out.

2- Set a special area for laundry chores if you do not have a laundry room. Set a small area for doing laundry in the garage or the bathroom. You could get a washer dryer instead of getting separate machines for washing and drying. Get a folding airer and an ironing rack, then fold them and put them away when you do not need them. Install shelves to store detergents and washing supplies. Voila, you have just made a laundry area.

3- Follow the ancient ever useful golden rule: above the wardrobe and under the bed. These are convenient storage places that people seem to forget or rather neglect because they are too lazy to use a ladder or lift a mattress. You can store there whatever you do not need, but do not want to give away.

4- A space saving solution that people will be forever thankful for is vacuum sealing bags. These bags reduce the size if the clothes put inside them giving you more space in your wardrobes.

These were just few of many space saving solutions that people usually forget. Many other solutions will surely come to mind when you are pressed with the need of finding space.

Pics Via : housetohome