Unique Headboard Styles to Invigorate your Bedroom Design

Never before has there been so much versatility in headboard styles. Not only are they divided into wall-mounted styles and attached styles, there are also numerous ways to create your own unique style with a little bit of creativity.

One of the simplest styles to implement is bringing something that is usually used somewhere else in your house such as a room divider, a picket fence, or your fireplace mantle. As long as they are matching the overall decor and your bed’s width, you can find an endless assortment of beautiful and unique options.

Upholstered headboards are one of the most beautiful classic styles available. Whether squared or with rounded edges, the fabric used in the upholstery will lend your room a warm and cozy feel.

You can make a twist by using three hues of the same fabric in three upholstered headboards and place them on top of each other gradually. The different shades will lend opulence to the color of your walls.

If you want more artistic appeal, you can hang a huge painting or install beautiful wallpaper with arabesques to make the headboard of your bed. In case you need simpler idea, then vinyl adhesive wall decals are your best solution. Also, you could hang framed artworks or photographs in groups to define the space and add your personal touch.

Bookcase headboard is evidently the most functional style. It will provide you with storage areas to display your decorative accessories, collectibles, framed photos and books. Additionally, it will offer a sophisticated structured backdrop to your bed with its beautiful finishes of maple, oak, or pine.

Headboards are usually made out of wood, but the overall look changes according to the wood carving patterns, colors, and types. However, metal headboards go vividly well with bedrooms that are designed in vintage, minimalist, Mexican, or gothic styles.

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