Helpful Tips to Combine Features of Different Styles in Your Living Room Inspired from Susan Bednar Long’s Projects

Your love for change is a common human need, especially if you love travelling and celebrating the cultures of popular cities around the globe. You may need to apply this idea in your living room inspiring different colors and textures from different cities, but you should combine such elements perfectly to keep the clean and uncluttered look of the place.

Decorating with greenery is the best way to bring life to your home and combine the essence of different styles together. Susan Long loves the fiddle fig leaf trees, as they will provide your living room a unique visual interest and a dramatic height. You can choose such greenery to match the styles you are using like the Fiddlehead ferns and succulent branches that match the modern look of such Tribeca apartment.

If you will get your inspiration from Miami Beach, you can cover your living room’s accent wall with art deco architectural details, vibrant colors, or modern repetitive patterns. To inspire your living room décor from Paris, you should highlight the use of details, architectural elements, and linear patterns.

For a Mexican flair, you can use a pop of bold colored painting with yellow, blue, and green colors, striped fabrics, or geometric patterns in addition to natural materials along your living room. The patterned stone focal point will reflect your fascination with Venetian style, especially if the rest of your living room features a traditional style.

In such a multi-styled living room, you should choose the rug carefully to combine the colors, patterns, and textures of the place. The decorative elements such as pillows, accessories, and even lighting fixtures can set your intended styles or just combine the elements of your living room elegantly.