High End Interior Home Finishing Ideas Inspired from the Projects of DKOR Interiors

If your dream home includes glossy surfaces and high end finishing, you would spend too much money to customize this space with your favorite colors and designs. However, you can apply a few professional high-end details in your existing home to provide the place a wow factor.

The glass surfaces along with milk white finishes and glossy wood accents can provide your home a splendid high-end look. In Aventura, Florida, Ivonne Ronderos and her team in DKOR Interiors create a stunning modern Twilights home using white furniture with lacquer finish, a combination of glossy walnut and porcelain floor, glass surfaces and staircases railings, and a colorful touch in every room. In Miami, the designers use black and white furniture with white walls and floor accentuating the place with natural-themed framed pictures and hidden lights.

To create a stylish look and keep the warm feel in your home, you should avoid the milk white finishing and use cream with brown accents instead. In a Miami modern home, DKOR Interiors’ team members create a warm and high-end look using streamline furnishings, natural textures, LED lighting fixtures, and contrasting elements.

In the bathroom and kids ‘room, the designers use a pop of green and blue colors with glossy wood floor and unique textures to create a fresh look in the place.

The colorful finishes will provide your modern home an inviting and fresh look. For example, DKOR team members use a combination of white, green, yellow, orange, and red finishes with glossy hardwood floor to create a sense of harmony un the place. You can still create eclectic finishes using white walls and furniture with light blue walls and brown or muted green accents to refresh the look of your modern home.