High-tech Floor Tile Designs for Modern Homes

The modern floor tiles come with different designs and patterns to blend with almost any home design and decor. Moreover, some of these tiles come with high-tech properties to transform the entire look of your modern home increasing its functionality.

You can install high-tech floor tiles to different parts of your homeor even workplace for different purposes. If you need to show your eco-friendly personality, it will be a great idea toinstall Skoda energy producing tiles, as they can produce from six to eight watts of energy from a person’s footsteps at one tile.

You will be able to use this energy for different purposes in the same room. The ceramic tile that cleans itself is an incredible high-tech and anti-bacterial floor option that will provide you a thick and anti-slip surface.Moreover, these tiles purify the air and destroy stains using the materials on its surface that activate with light to protect the surrounding area.

The digital technology in manufacturing floor tiles can easily change the appearance of your tiles to avoid paying a large amount of money for expensive materials. For example, if you need to purchase expensive natural stone floor and can pay just for ceramic tiles, the inkjet printing technique will easily give your ceramic tiles the same look marble or granite stones. This technology will provide you 3D floor designs with customized realistic shapes to give your home a unique look. You can even cover your existing tiles with 3D printed plastic coating to give the place a futuristic and aesthetic look without spending too much money.

The technology of floor tiles will enable you to cover your floor with an ultrathin layer of granite and decorative hidden floor lights to spread a magical mood in the room.

Pics Via : hightech-designs