Clever Home Additions for an Interesting Modern Look

The simple look of your modern home may hide unique elegance and function. With the pass of time, you should remodel such a home to increase its functional and decorative value; thus, you will need clever inspirations and creative ideas. Here you can find creative ideas for such a modern home.

The interesting impact of lighting system in your modern home is undeniable, especially if you are using interactive lighting fixtures. The led-work lamp, for example, can change its optical state according to the rest of your lighting system and to the surrounding people. The collection of led-work lamps includes modular devices connected with embedded magnets to change their forms. You can use your hand or body motion to change the color and rhythm of the whole cluster.

The beauty of fan-like metal tables will set them as the focal point of any room. Such tables can be aesthetic sculptural additions to your modern kitchen, living room, or dining room providing them a pop of color, as the table can be lacquered in different colors. . The laser-cut stripes give the table its attractive look and create pedestal silhouette to let you use them as normal tables.

You can increase the interesting look in your modern home using egg-shaped furniture pieces. The egg-shaped chair upholstered in poly cotton and metal frames will let you relax n a net felt like. You can find this chair with upholstered back or a net with a modern, yet wild touch.

If you can place this chair under a doubly geometric lamp, you will create a magical look in the place. The lights of such a steel lamp move in different directions throughout the room; thus create an interesting vibrant look in the place. Such a lamp will perfectly blend with your modern and contemporary homes.

Pics Via : boredpanda

Pics Via : luxury-kitchen-design